Wednesday, November 5, 2014


(Direct Promotion and Ice Cream!)

Today was perhaps my busiest day this semester.  This morning I went to the eye doctor. Everything was good. After that, I started to seriously study for my History test. I drilled the questions into my cerebellum as much as I could, but I also had to work on a group presentation.  I went to UBP early today to work on it and to study with some classmates.

Finally, it was time.

When it comes to presentations, I like to go first because once my presentation is out of the way, I can enjoy the rest. But today, our group had to go 3rd.  I had angst. However, we did a pretty good job. From there I had to go directly to take the History test. Moment of truth...

It was really easy! Why was I so worried??? I finished in about 7 minutes, and when the professor gave me the answer key, I found out that I did not miss a single question!!!! I GOT A 10!!! With my two test scores being 10 and my 95% attendance, I officially have Direct Promotion for History and therefore am exempt of the final.

Franklin came out a little later.  He got a 9. Pretty good Franklin!  We waited for Elsa and when she came out she got a 9 too! We were all pretty happy. So Elsa asked if we wanted to go get ice cream at Caseratto. Sure!!!  When we arrived, Mimi, Beatriz and Catherine were there. We said hello and ordered our ice cream. It was delicious!!! A very good way to end this busy day. Now I want to relax. But...

I have a Literature exam tomorrow...

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Today, November 1st, is the first day of my last month in Argentina.  WHAT?!?!?!?

I cannot believe that three months have gone by already.  Don't get me wrong- I'll be happy to go back home, but can Time please go slower?? Please?

Has it really been three months? My only thought is:

Anyway, once again I want to thank everyone who made this trip a reality.  Honestly and truly, I wouldn't be here without you. In about a month, I'll be back to thank you all in person!  In the mean time, I have one more month to enjoy Argentina and I have to take advantage of every moment...

Well, it was raining today, so I didn't do much of anything.  I'll take advantage of every moment...tomorrow!  Happy November :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Kanna chan! Tanjoubi Omedetou! Lomos for everyone!

(Note: Tanjoubi Omedetou is Japanese for Happy Birthday)

Tomorrow is Kanna's birthday. So, to celebrate, she wanted to eat dinner at Decks tonight. (I'm glad she liked it last time!) After making a Facebook event, we organized how many people were coming, and waited until dinnertime. When I got there, Kanna and Yui were already waiting! Yui told me she was going to eat a whole lomo this time. Soon enough, more people came. When the food was ready, I waited for everyone's reactions. They liked it!  It's very silly, but I feel proud of my host family for having the best lomos in Córdoba. As the time got closer, we sang for Kanna and when we finished eating, I walked them to the bus stop.  They were going to go party, but I was too tired and too full to go with them. Besides, I have to get up early tomorrow to go to la Cumbrecita with Elsa.  Some other time. Anyway, Kanna seemed to have a good birthday dinner. I'm glad.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Villa María- La Vida Tranquila- Here to stay?!?!?!?

This morning the train woke me up very early - around 6 am.  I couldn't go back to sleep, and I didn't know what time Caro and her grandparents usually wake up, so I decided to check on the wifi.  Still not working. So I turned on the TV and watched El Chavo del Ocho (sound familiar, dad?) 

A little later, Caro's grandfather woke up and went to the kitchen to have breakfast and read the paper.  I joined him, ans we talked.  We talked about Villa María, about his family, about the past, about a lot of things.  We talked for about two hours until Caro and her grandmother got up. We ate (small toast and coffee) and Caro and I went back to her house. Since today was a national holiday (Columbus Day, though here it's called Día de la Raza), the whole day was very relaxing- we bought pasta to make for lunch, Caro's mom showed me pictures and videos from Caro's sweet 15, After lunch, I took a nap on their Paraguayan hammock.  Then Caro and I went to running.  We ran 2 km and did some other exercises. There were a lot of people exercising too. I told Caro it was so peaceful in Villa María, that I would like to stay! Later we went back to her grandparent's house and relaxed until it was time for me to go to the Bus Terminal.

When we got to the terminal, I couldn't see my bus. I kept looking, but I couldn't find it.  I went to the help window to ask, and they told me it had just left! WHAT??? Now I really am going to stay in Villa María! The man at the help desk told me that I could get a new ticket for another bus in an hour (free of charge).  I said thank you and texted Caro and my host family.  Caro came to pick me up and we went back to her house, so that I wouldn't have to wait at the terminal.  She lives 2 minutes away.  I borrowed their shower so that I could freshen up, and when we went back to my terminal, I had my ticket replaced and I got on the bus.  Goodbye Villa María.  I truly enjoyed it.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Today's the day! Today I woke up and went to the Bus Terminal at around 8:45/9ish. I bought a 2 liter Coke to contribute to the asado. Then, with ticket in hand, I waited for my bus to arrive- it didn't take long.  I put my backpack with the luggage and got on.  The drive wasn't bad at all- around three hours or so.

When I arrived in Villa María, I called Caro to ask her where she was.  She was behind me! I met her younger brother Italo and we went to the grocery store to buy a couple of last minute things for the asado.  We found asado-flavored potato chips...only in Argentina! After shopping, we Caro took us to the riverside, where her family was waiting.

Meeting Caro's family was fun.  They are so friendly! We waited a little for Caro's father to show up with the tables, but once he came, we got started with the asado.  I learned how to do it step by step (future blog post).  When it was ready, we all sat down to eat-- THERE WAS SO MUCH!!!!!! And it wasn't over yet, because after the meat, Caro, her grandmother and I went to go buy artisanal ice cream. And after the ice cream, we ate a fruit tart (pasta frola) made by Renzo, Caro's older brother. It was delicious!!! As you can imagine, we were so full!  I took a walk with Caro's parents while the rest played cards.  We planned to go kayaking tomorrow. That will be fun! We also talked about Caro (naturally- what else would parents talk about?) When we came back, we cleaned up and they took me to their house so that I could put my things down.  They have a keyboard! I was so happy! After a little while, we went out again and went to the hair salon they own.  Caro cut my hair and gave me a new look!  I like it!

Afterwards, we continued my "tour." Villa María is a small town, but it is important.  A lot of agricultural and economic assets.  It's also very peaceful.  We stopped by the Jesus statue--sure it's not Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro, but it's still good!  We visited the Cathedral, and other places. Finally, Caro and I got some empanadas and ate at her grandparents' house.  That's also where we settled down for the night.  The wifi didn't work well, so I was getting ready to sleep, but I noticed Batman was on TV (I have always always always loved Batman!), so I watched it until I was too sleepy. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


It's the International Fair!!! I've been looking forward to this day for months! Today I went to UBP early to add some finishing touches to my stand. I wore my Samford polo and HCAS nametag to look official.  I think I looked pretty good! When I arrived I finished my stand and the fair began. UBP Students and people from Córdoba came for information on studying/researching/working abroad. Since I was representing a university, mainly students came by my stand.  I told them about Samford's location, it's schools, our exchange program, the culture, and I would answer their questions too.  I also made a sheet for them to leave their contact information if they wanted more information (I learned that from many a Preview Day with Dr. Ledgerwood!). I enjoyed myself.  As an Ambassador, I really enjoy talking about my school, and the whole fair was really fun.  When I wasn't busy at my stand, I went to visit my friends in "other countries." I visited Japan, where Yui and Kanna were making origami at their Kansai Gaidai University stand;  I visited Elsa, Hiem, Lulu, Audrey and Valentin in France...they had cake! I visited Paola and Edgar in Mexico, and Yassi in Austria.  The Quebec group had delicious food from Quebec at their stand.  Everybody was representing where they were from.

As the fair continued, there were other things happening.  Popcorn for sale. Talks about study abroad and postgrad research, Traditional Mexican Dance. We had fun. Then it was lunchtime.  All of us participating in the fair got a free lunch (Thanks CRI!). After lunch, we went back to our stands.  In the afternoon, things slowed down a lot, and everyone wanted to take a nap.  However, I quickly woke up when I saw Carolina show up in her Samford shirt!  She came to check out the stands for post graduate opportunities and to help me out a little bit too. 

 To finish the fair, the Canadians played music and sang for us.  Very chill. Very relaxing. There were also raffle competitions, but I never win. At the end, there was traditional Japanese dancing.

After the fair, Caro and I went to complete our new tradition: every time we see each other, we have to have a merienda together! So we went to Caseratto and had coffee with cake. We also began to plan a weekend for me to go to her hometown of Villa María to visit. I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014



Today was the history midterm.  Elsa and I had studied for it so I felt prepared.  When I took the test, I was relieved that it was multiple choice and matching.  I love multiple choice and matching!  I was unsure about only one question, so I tried my best.  When I finished, I turned it in and professor Martinez gave me the answers so that I could figure out my score. I only missed that one question. Meaning... I got a 10!!!!! Great! If I keep this up, I'll have the direct promotion, thus exempting me from the final exam and letting me out of class 2 weeks early! I was pretty excited.